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It seems everyone could use more TIME and space. Albert Einsteins's Theory Special Relativity state that when you travel through space time, particularly when your speed, relative to other objects, is very close to the speed of light, the time for you is slower than for the objects you leave behind. (7"/18cm)


Not worth mensioning, still added here as a brand. Mostly training watches, but these days also fashion products - ghastly!


Not worth mensioning, still added here as a brand. However, said it's one of the best homage watch for the Explorer from the much more known brand...


iPod nano Touch 6th generation (8Gb) launched in 2010.


G-Shock line introduced in April 1983.


Founded 1888 in the Swiss town Grenchen.


Est. March 1918 Shokosha Watch Research Institute, the forerunner of Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. In June 1931 the first wrist watch completed.


Not worth mensioning, still added here as a brand. All fashion products - terrifying ghastly!


Founded July 15, 1911 by the married couple Eugène Blum and Alice Lévy - EBEL, an acronym of the initials “Eugène Blum Et Lévy”


Heimdallr Watch, Futian Road, 518067 Shenzhen, China


Est. 1952. A Scandinavian brand with Danish, Norwegian and Swedish people involved


A replica of a presidents watch. an initiative of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, a division of Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle is India’s largest and fastest growing branded apparel companies and a premium lifestyle player in the retail sector.


Fasion and jewels brand, bought at the Palma airport


One of the rubbish wrist watches out there. Most probably on sale on ebay was the trigger for me. Looked ok on the web, but in real life this is not worth mensioning, owing, buying, considering.


Omega Founded 1848 by 23 years old Louis Brandt in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.


Orient Watch is a brand name of the Seiko Epson Corporation. Founded in Hino, Tokyo, Japan (13 July 1950).


Pagani Design (founded in 1984) is manufacturer of watches in Guangdong China (PAGANI DESIGN Watches, LACZ DENTON Watches, BENYAR Watches). Address: FoShan, GuangDong Province, China


Pebble has ceased its daily operations, and is no longer producing or selling smartwatches. For more information, please visit


RemRem In 2007 RemRem reinvented itself with Mutant time: a range of watches reflecting our desire to step out of the ordinary, to explore those defining moments of life, when we decide to take on parallel roles and new identities, where we make a conscious decision to push ourselves to the limit – all in an effort to make the most of life.


Founded in 1917, well known as a camera manufacturer and in office equipment. Acquired the small watch manufacturer Takano to start their watch business in 1962.


Since 1881 when a 22 year old entrepreneur, Kintaro Hattori, opened a shop selling and repairing watches and clocks in central Tokyo. The company that sold the world's first quartz watch in 1969.


Be it on the CAPE EPIC, TOUR DE FRANCE, the GIRO D'ITALIA or the VUELTA – the world’s most successful teams place their trust in SIGMA SPORT® products


Founded in 1989, SKAGEN was inspired by the Danish coastal town from which we borrow not just a name, but a warm spirit and a minimalist mindset


The company that wanna be Swiss - since 2002. Instead of stating 'Made in ...' on the dial - it shows 'Swiss quartz'


Founded 1936. In 1932 the company's founder, Tuomas Vohlonen, a surveyor by profession, applied for a patent for a unique method of filling and sealing a lightweight compass housing made entirely of celluloid and filled with liquid to dampen the needle and to protect it from shock and wear due to excessive motion


Just when the watch industry was fighting for it's life, the ASUAG and SSIH merged in 1983. This combination of marketing and manufacturing expertise restored Switzerland as a major player in the world wristwatch market.


Founded in 1854. The watch that made the dollar famous in 1895 five pounds of candy cost 35 cents, and one dollar got you the yankee pocket watch. By the turn of the century, over six million were sold. Even mark twain was a fan.



Tissot were sold in the United States from 1853, and in Russia from 1858. Charles Tissot, moved to Moscow in 1885 to manage the branch. Until the October Revolution in 1917, the Russian Empire was Tissot's biggest market, including the Tsar's court.


Branded by Movado Group - a Swiss watchmaker best known for its Museum Watch. Movado was founded as LAI Ditescheim & Freres SA in 1881 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, by Léopold Achille Isidore Ditesheim.

Why wear a watch?

Isn't your cell phone enough? For some, and special for the younger generation, it is. However, most of us might feel naked without haveing at least something around your left or right wrist. Besides, it's just a quick turn of your wrist and you know the time. So, why not wear something you like?

The Scandinavian Standard

Some Scandinavian-made or designed watches. Not many in-house movement to find, if at all any.

Larsson & Jennings

Swiss made Swedish and British design

Harper & Brooks

New Norwegian watch brand with Swiss Ronda 762


Designer and founder Rune Bruvik - “Find your own way to visualize TIME”